The Bukit Brown Cemetery Documentation Project

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There are three aspects to documenting a cemetery, i) the graves, ii) the history, memory and rituals and iii) the exhumations.


Fieldworkers documenting inscriptions. Photo credit: Hui Yew-Foong

Documentation of graves include recording grave inscriptions such as names, genealogy, place of origin, couplets as well as cultural features of the grave. These features include the positioning of grave, sculptures, fengshui features.


This website contains a visual database of the affected graves including known English and Chinese names inscribed on the headstones as well as wide and close-up photographs of the graves. Click here to view this documentation


Documentation of history, memory and rituals involve research into the historical figures interred at Bukit Brown Cemetery, the social history of the cemetery and landmarks (temple), the family histories and memories associated with the cemetery as well as intangible heritage such as commemoration rituals during Qing Ming and other significant occasions.


Click here to view a selection of biographies and family histories of individuals buried in Bukit Brown


Documentation of exhumation include the recording of rituals associated with exhumation and re-interment, collecting oral histories and family trees, and the documentation of archaeological artifacts (e.g. artefacts, types of coffin/crypt).